15 October 2013

Review: Lush - Happy Blooming Bath Melt


"Snap off one cheery segment of Happy Blooming and lay back into the glorious chunks of skin softening cocoa butter, and the scent of sweet cherries, passion fruit, and ylang ylang for a blooming marvelous time in the tub. Slip into the tub for happy skin and a cheery outlook" - Lush

Lush don't actually do many bath melts which is a shame, they all pack a moisturising punch and usually you can break them up in to a couple of pieces spreading them across a couple of baths. You chuck a chunk in to the bath and as the name suggests it melts in to the water. This as shown below doesn't colour the water too much but it does have other benefits.


The scent of this is slightly playdoh but mainly artificial cherry, almost plastic-like. However once in the water this is not the case. There was a slight scent on my skin, a little fruity but nothing amazingly overwhelming. So perfect if you want to layer other fragrances.

Even a third of this melt packs a punch and leaves your skin nicely moisturised so no need for that extra step after bathing. Another point which is a plus is that it doesn't leave the bath all greasy, so there is no need for a vigorous scrubbing afterwards.


For me the purpose of this is for the moisturising properties, seemed a little bit luxurious and it made my skin so soft afterwards. Lush don't do any cherry scented products other than this one, I really hope they will in the future!



  1. I might check this out :)


    1. I think most things from Lush are worth a go, unless your allergic or hate a certain scent :P


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