22 October 2013

Review: MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain

I had this lip stain for a good six months now, so well over due a review! This particular lip stain is in the colour 'Kissalicious' however currently there are three shades for sale.

"At last colour that stays with MUA’s Kiss proof lip stain, the answer to the problem of 'bleeding' lipstick and lipstick that disappears all day long. Kiss proof has a hydrating and waterproof formula which does not dry out your lips and is enriched with moisturising panthenol" - MUA

+ Doesn't bleed outside of the lip line
+ Smells fruity and fresh
+ Thick felt tip, easy to apply and draw on the lips

- Dries up relatively quickly
- Dries up lips
- Colour is quite sheer


I found the colour to be very sheer on my lips, I have naturally quite pigmented lips and this didn't really show up on my lips. I found it to be quite drying and not something you could apply and go as within around 5 - 10 minutes I needed a lip balm as my lips felt tight and dry.

As I came back to the product around six months later the pen had actually all but dried up. So the shelf life of this isn't going to be very long once opened.



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