31 October 2013

Swatch: Barry M - Countess Texture

By now everyone has swatched this polish, anyway I got this polish as it was easy to find in the UK where as the Sally Hansen Private I and Dance Legend Amethyst aren't and I wanted those polishes. While this isn't a dupe for either of those (both lean a little more on the magenta side) it is a near enough polish to slay the urges for those pretties, although I have acquired Nails Inc Bow Street and between that and this I am all set.
Without Topcoat          |          With Topcoat
swatch-barry-m-countess-purple-textured-polish swatch-barry-m-countess-purple-textured-polish

A blurry photo to show how glittery the polish is: 
swatch-barry-m-countess-purple-textured-polish swatch-barry-m-countess-purple-textured-polish

Something which bugged me about the bottle is the holographic pattern on the lid seems to have come off and covered my hands in glitter. 


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