30 November 2013

Shopping: November 2013

So technically these I didn't buy in November but for some reason I haven't gotten around to sharing these!

Red eye shadow pigment (making red eye shadow work)

 HK Girl Top Coat
KPT - Color Therapy

Fine tipped Sharpies for nail art (used them here)
Sinful Colors - All About You
Cien - Polish Remover 

Now on to things I actually got in November, first I went in to Lush and used up the money I had left on my Lush gift card from last Christmas

There was 30% off MoYou London and I really liked this festive sweater stamp 

Having been using Directions Plum semi permanent hair dye for around a year now I have finally decided to try something permanent. If it goes wrong I don't mind, I think I will be going black again soon. Yes it took a lot of effort and damage to lift the black out of my hair two years ago but purple is too much effort to upkeep.I like my hair to be a plum, a dark almost black shining purple and the dye comes out too quickly and I am left with a faded light purple hair which just isn't me.

Velcro Hair bumps, for less than £1 they are worth a try!

And finally some free black Nails Inc polish which came with Glamour magazine.


Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 206 (BM206)


This stamping plate is from the second Bundle Monster set, from 2011. It is backed with branded lining to stop it from being sharp. This is useful, without it it is easy to slice open your fingers and palms which I have been known to do accidentally in the past with other branded plates. Then again I am very clumsy.


Another stamping plate with six images, two are full nail and the other four are single images. I found all of these images to stamp really well, my only issue is with the symbol. I would like to know what it means before using it in nail art.



29 November 2013

33 Day Nail Challenge: Same Pattern, Different Colours


Base Polish: ELF - Innocent
Stamping Polishes: 
Thumb: Kleancolor - Metallic Red 161
Forefinger: Kleancolor - Metallic Black 168
Middle Finger: Kleancolor - Metallic Sapphire 165
Ring Finger: Kleancolor - Metallic Fuchsia 166
Little Finger: Kleancolor - Metallic Green 163
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 319


28 November 2013

Swatch: Essie - Leading Lady

This was from a set which I got for Christmas last year, along with Snap Happy and Beyond Cozy. First experiences of Essie nail polishes and they are all minis. 


Colour: Red standard glitter in a red base
Opacity: Two coats were used in photos
Brush Type: Flat and very wide, wider than OPI
How Much? 5ml


27 November 2013

33 Day Nail Challenge: Favourite Pattern

I just had to use this image for Movember when I saw it. I like to stamp and I am going to say that stamping is a pattern... okay so I may be pushing the prompt today but it is a great image for a great cause.


Polish: Nails Inc / Kate Spade - New York Noir
Ring Finger: Jade - Magia Negra
Stamping Polish: Stargazer - Silver Chrome
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 402


26 November 2013

Review: Natural Collection - Wild Strawberry Face Mask

Boots-Natural-Collection-Wild-Strawberry-Face-Mask-demo-review Boots-Natural-Collection-Wild-Strawberry-Face-Mask-demo-review

"This soothing wild strawberry mask contains wild strawberry to help smooth and soften your skin, while natural clay draws out any impurities or excess oil, leaving your face purified, brighter and looking good enough to eat" - Boots.com


You could really smell the strawberry in this, it wasn't a artificial strawberry scent either. Something you could easily sit with on your face without the smell being offensive or too strong to makes your eyes water.

This didn't set on the face, it was more of a thick lotion which just sat on your face whilst working.

I found this face mask to leave my skin feeling very soft and moisturised. I didn't find it to left my skin looking good enough to eat but that claim is a little bizarre unless you are a cannibal....

So in short I would recommend it, especially for those with dry or dry to combination skin types. However if you have combination / oily skin like myself it isn't too much for that skin type either. It is something that I would use again.

£1 - 10ml


25 November 2013

33 Day Nail Challenge: Lines

I'm not really keen on these nails, I think the dots make it all look a bit messy.

La Femme - Jupiter 84
Black Acrylic Paint