2 November 2013

Empties: October 2013

I seem to have gone through a lot of bath and lip products this past month.

Lush - Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds - Bubble Bar - I do like this bubble bar, it makes a nice change to my usual pink and white bubble baths. I will repurchase this at some point [full review].
Lush - The Comforter - Bubble Bar - This along with Sex Bomb make for my favourite type of bath. Pink, bubbly, scent which lingers on my skin. Very calming and something I will continue to repurchase [full review].
Lush - Veganese - Conditioner - This is a nice conditioner, it isn't very intensive though. I like it if I am laying off the silicone conditioners. Good for not weighing down hair. This leaves your hair smelling lemony fresh, while I do like this one I prefer the American Cream conditioner [old review].
Elemis - Deep Clean - Face Mask - This is really good for my skin but it comes in a set with one which is aimed at dry skin so it isn't something I will be getting again [full review].

Waitrose - Cotton Wool Balls - These were pretty standard, something I would get again but no different to any other cotton balls.
Ciaté - Glitter Grip - I got this in a sequin nail set from Ciaté, while I didn't like the look the kit gave this was a nice glossy top coat.
Collection 2000 - 2 in 1 Strengthener and Hardnener - My nails have been really growing like weeds recently, I don't know if it was because of this base coat or the DIY Zoya Remove + or a combination of the two. Either way I have already repurchased this.
Revlon - Colorstay - Ivory 110 - This foundation is amazingly long lasting even with my combination / oily skin. It has medium to full coverage but you can apply it with fingers to have a lighter coverage. I have repurchased this but in the shade Buff 150 [full review].
Hello Kitty - Lip Balm - This was more of a lip gloss in a tin. It was a little pink and very glossy.
Avon - Naturals - Strawberry Lip Balm - I have had this for ages, it left a very light pink almost frosted tint to the lips which I am not a fan of on me.


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