26 November 2013

Review: Natural Collection - Wild Strawberry Face Mask

Boots-Natural-Collection-Wild-Strawberry-Face-Mask-demo-review Boots-Natural-Collection-Wild-Strawberry-Face-Mask-demo-review

"This soothing wild strawberry mask contains wild strawberry to help smooth and soften your skin, while natural clay draws out any impurities or excess oil, leaving your face purified, brighter and looking good enough to eat" - Boots.com


You could really smell the strawberry in this, it wasn't a artificial strawberry scent either. Something you could easily sit with on your face without the smell being offensive or too strong to makes your eyes water.

This didn't set on the face, it was more of a thick lotion which just sat on your face whilst working.

I found this face mask to leave my skin feeling very soft and moisturised. I didn't find it to left my skin looking good enough to eat but that claim is a little bizarre unless you are a cannibal....

So in short I would recommend it, especially for those with dry or dry to combination skin types. However if you have combination / oily skin like myself it isn't too much for that skin type either. It is something that I would use again.

£1 - 10ml


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