30 November 2013

Shopping: November 2013

So technically these I didn't buy in November but for some reason I haven't gotten around to sharing these!

Red eye shadow pigment (making red eye shadow work)

 HK Girl Top Coat
KPT - Color Therapy

Fine tipped Sharpies for nail art (used them here)
Sinful Colors - All About You
Cien - Polish Remover 

Now on to things I actually got in November, first I went in to Lush and used up the money I had left on my Lush gift card from last Christmas

There was 30% off MoYou London and I really liked this festive sweater stamp 

Having been using Directions Plum semi permanent hair dye for around a year now I have finally decided to try something permanent. If it goes wrong I don't mind, I think I will be going black again soon. Yes it took a lot of effort and damage to lift the black out of my hair two years ago but purple is too much effort to upkeep.I like my hair to be a plum, a dark almost black shining purple and the dye comes out too quickly and I am left with a faded light purple hair which just isn't me.

Velcro Hair bumps, for less than £1 they are worth a try!

And finally some free black Nails Inc polish which came with Glamour magazine.


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