5 November 2013

Tutorial: Easy Glitter Removal

By now I think everyone will have heard of this method, however for those who haven't I have to share the not so secret, secret. PVA Glue, Elmers Glue, White Glue, Carpenters Glue, School Glue whatever you call this if you like wearing glitter polish but hate the removal then this is the tip for you.

Basically you begin by painting your nails with one to two coats of PVA glue, allowing it to dry clear between coats. I find it easier to decant some of the glue in to an empty polish bottle, using the brush to apply it to the nails.


Then you can go ahead and paint your nails with glitter, I used Barry M's Sour Apple.


Once you are tired of wearing that colour you can A) pick off the polish which is slightly damaging to the nails or B) hold a cotton ball with polish remover over the nail which will get the glue to become wet which means the polish will easily lift off with a orange or hoof stick.


No more soaking for 20 minutes, this makes wearing glitter much more enjoyable as you won't dread the removal process.


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