3 December 2013

Empties: November 2013

This past month I seem to have been flying through products

Dove Hair Therapy - Conditioner - This conditioner was really nice, I won't be repurchasing though because it was too heavy for my hair. It left my hair really weighed down. It worked great on my hair from the jaw down.
Aussie - 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor - Deep Conditioner - This is amazing, smells lovely and leaves my hair feeling really soft and shiny. I will always repurchase this one(full review).

I went through my make up and found some bits which had ran out or gone out of date:
ELF - Lengthening and Volumising Mascara - This mascara is very lengthening, it does offer a little volume but for me this mascara is a great everyday one and is something I already have repurchased.
2true - Smooth Matte Foundation - This foundation is the shade and I found it to be very yellow based, and to be around four shades too dark for me to wear (full review).
Barry M - Liquid Eyeliner - Black - I used to really like this, it is a very wet formula though. It has a dip ink well type applicator which feels like a felt tip end to apply with. Easy to get a nice line and a flick with this. I would repurchase this, but at the moment I am preferring gel eye liner to a liquid one.
ELF - Waterproof Eyeliner Pen - Black - This is a felt tip pen sort of an eyeliner, they dry out a little too quickly for me and pigmentation can be hit and miss. When they work they are good. Not a repurchase for me (full review).
ELF - Super Glossy Lipgloss - Mauve Luxe - I think I won this, I am not a gloss kind of a person and thought this had been in my collection for a while too long.

Lipsticks - Both of these lipsticks had been in my collection for far too long and were leaning towards the brown side which isn't something I would really ever get wear from so I thought it was time to throw out.
Barbara Daly - Lipbalm - This was more of a gloss in a pot than a balm, while I was happy to use it up now that it is winter I need to use something more nourishing.
ELF - Nail Polish - Black - Really liked this polish and formula, at some point I probably would be repurchasing.
W7 - Nail Polish - Black - I seem to go through black nail polish very quickly. This one is a really lovely formula and nice and pigmented. This also is good for stamping as well which is always a bonus. Something I will be repurchasing (full review).
Night Moisturiser - This was £1 which was great but I didn't find it to be particularly moisturising which was a shame. I wanted to really like this but for my skin I need something more moisturising for over night. I much prefer the Superdrug Vitamin E Night Cream.

Mr Brightside - Bubble Bar - This one was neon orange and completely not something I would usually go for but it certainly perked up my mood which is always a bonus (full review).
Sex Bomb - Bath Ballistic - Yet again this one is always going to be my favourite. Really relaxing, jasmine scented pink water. Will repurchase (full review).
Lord of Misrule - Bath Ballistic - This was quite a show in the bath, in the end it left the water a brown / black colour with popping candy in it. It was different from something I would usually go for and for that I quite enjoyed it (full review).


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