24 December 2013

Hair: Purple Hair Adventures

For those who haven't been a long time reader of my blog I have been trying to dye my hair purple for around ten years. Before that I was aiming for blue / black, while this did work the blue would come out very quickly leaving me with black hair. Effectively I've been dyeing my hair black for 12 years or so, which is why it was hard to lift the colour light enough to dye purple over it without badly damaging my long hair.

So the last you saw was my hair like this;

directions-plum-hair-dye directions-plum-hair-dye directions-plum-hair-dye directions-plum-hair-dye

Very dark, almost black with a very slight purple tinge, by the time I tried to go purple again my hair was this base colour, question was is it light enough to take a purple?

And this is after using Directions hair dye in Plum, I even got a rare outdoors shot 

directions-plum-hair-dye directions-plum-hair-dye directions-plum-hair-dye

So yes I think my hair was finally light enough to begin with to take the plum dye on without it looking black afterwards. The most colour accurate is the last out door photo. Also it seems to have gone various shades of purple almost as if it were high lighted and low lighted which it wasn't.

While I like my hair when it has been dyed because the directions is only semi permanent it does wash out on my hair within 5 weeks. It washes out to a lighter purple colour which is nice but I much prefer very dark hair on myself. So I will be going down the attempting purple permanent route next, if that doesn't work then black hair it is again!



  1. The colour is awesome! I have dyed my hair red which also washes out like crazy but I keep trying, I want a dark red colour :)

    1. Keep going, I am sure eventually they will invent something which gets our hair to where as want it :P

  2. Hi, I've used directions for many years, and I find that you can leave them on for much longer, and if you do, the colour last so much better and is more permant. I've left those dyes on for about 2-4 hours, and have never had a problem with my hair condition after because they're so conditioning. I do recommend you leave them on for at least an hour, because then the hair can properly soak in the dye (especially if you don't bleach your hair in which I don't). The last time I used directions, I went red in which I just put on my brown to get this dark red colour, left it on for about 2 hours, and it didn't fade for half a year :) hope this helps!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I've gone back to black / brown now. I do still want purple hair but it's just so much effort!


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