22 December 2013

Nail Polish: Battle of Purples and Holographics

If you would like to see which nail polishes were battling it for the Purples last year then click here, last year there was no holographic polish battle. This year the battles will only be using the new polishes I have acquired since last year.

Barry M - Prickly Pear | Sinful Colors - Verbena | Ylin - Mood Changing Polish #7 | Ciate - Fade to Greige | Ciate - Cabaret | 17 - Royal Indigo | Yes Love - K033 | MUA - Deepest Purple | Barry M - Countess

And the winner is:
Very hard to choose the winner for this one. Coming second place would be Yes Love K033. I really like the colour of this one and the rubberized finish is something a little bit different. I chose Barry M's Countess as the winner because it is nice without topcoat but with topcoat is when it really comes in to its own, completely stunning.

swatch-barry-m-countess-purple-textured-polish swatch-barry-m-countess-purple-textured-polish

Moving on to the Holographic polishes
Kleancolor - Holo Blue | Kleancolor - Holo Chrome | Kleancolor - Kiss Goodbye | Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Purple | Kleancolor - Midnight Seduction | GOSH - Holographic | Hits - Hefesto | Hits - Dionsio | Hits - Apolo | Jade - Violeta | Jade - Magia Negra | Layla - Flash Black

And the winner is:
As much as I wanted Jade Violeta to win, Layla Flash Black wins because even when this is nowhere near direct sunlight it looks really stunning on the nails which is quite amazing.


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