8 December 2013

Nails: Top Festive / Christmas Polishes 2013

These are my top five polishes for the festive season

W7 - Black | Barry M - Black Multi Glitter | Kleancolor - Silver Star (31) | A England - Lady of the Lake | Avon Color Trend - Silver Plated

W7 - Black

Barry M - Black Multi Glitter

Kleancolor - Silver Star 31



Other than polishes these are some other things I like to use, especially during winter:

Lush's Lemony Flutter - I am not usually someone who likes lemon scented things but this is fine for me and it really does last for a long time. This is thicker and works best as a evening cuticle moisturiser. Works well on dry elbows too.

OPI's Avojuice Hand Lotion Jasmine - This is a good hand lotion for during the day. It moisturises your hands quickly, doesn't leave any residue or film on your hands, and the scent is long lasting.

Leighton Denny's Slick Tips - This is another cuticle oil, this one is more for day use though. It is convenient to use and it doesn't stop you from doing anything you would want to do the way the Lemony Flutter would if you used that during the day.



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