14 January 2014

Review: Barbara Daly Luscious Lip Balm - Cutie

Barbara-Daly-Lip-Balm-luscious-Cutie Barbara-Daly-Lip-Balm-luscious-Cutie

This luscious lip balm is in the shade 'Cutie' which is a coral colour.

At first I didn't think it would be something I would use because usually I am not a fan of coral colours on myself. However, I found this is be quite sheer on my lips and rather than making them look coral it was much more of a clear glossy finish. My natural lips are quite pigmented so if you had a naturally paler lip it may look more coral on you.


Overall this is a nice lip balm, and for me it may as well be clear on the lips. I go through lip balms quickly and having another one isn't a bad thing. 


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