7 January 2014

Review: ELF - Shine Eraser Sheets


ELF Say: These amazing little sheets instantly absorb oil, minimize pores and mattify shiny skin. Woven texture eradicates shine and keeps skin matte for hours. Green Tea Extract helps re-texturize skin, masking facial imperfections. Travel pack fits neatly in your bag or pocket for on-the-go touch-ups. Contains: 50 sheets.

These are in the older packaging but the sheets themselves are the same product. I have combination skin and sometimes do end up looking shiny, especially on my t-zone.

The sheets absorb oil and shine, I prefer to use blotting sheets rather than re-powder my face as that can get quite cakey looking whereas with these sheets it leaves your make up intact. Sometimes foundation can break down from the oils in your skin, but I would use these before it got to that stage. 

As they absorb the oil on your skin they do mattify the face, they don't leave a residue on the skin so the effect is as a result of removing the oils sitting on the skin. Something I would have to disagree with is that they minimise pores. They don't leave a residue on the face and so such how are they supposed to minimise the look of pores?

These shine eraser sheets are perfect for the handbag and on the go, they remove shine and oils without messing with the make up underneth. These would be great for those make up free days as well when you don't want to look shiny. Something I know I would have been very happy to have during my teens at school where you weren't allowed to wear make up but hated how shiny I got. You get 50 in a pack and so they do last quite a while and are at a great price point, the blotting sheets from Shiseido for example are £18 for 100 sheets.

£1.50 - 50 Sheets


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