16 February 2014

Empties: January 2014

I almost typed 2013 there for a moment!

Sally Hansen No More Breaks - After doing a blog post about base and topcoats I found this in my stash and I tried it again but no I still really don't like it. It chips and flakes off within hours of using this and so I am binning it (full review)
MUA - Shade 1 Navy - I liked this polish, navy but with some shimmer running through it. I much prefer the newer bottle to this older one (swatch)
ELF - Innocent - Boring polish on its own, but good for a base for something more exciting (swatch)

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo - I got this for 50p in Tesco and while I did use it I didn't really like it. It was very chalky and left a bad feeling residue in my hair. I much prefer Batiste to this so won't be repurchasing.
Asda - Young Skin Matt Finish Moisturiser - Really cheap mattifying moisturiser, I like this for during the summer but it can be a bit too drying for the winter.
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder - Nice setting powder, I used to really like the packaging as it twists around and has a mirror underneath and space for a puff. I don't travel with this and so have no need for the extra bulky packaging.
Lip Ice Strawberry Touch Lipbalm - I think this was from a pound shop, I got it for Christmas. It was quite a buttery lip balm and it did give a slight red tint to it. I liked this but have too many lip balms to be needing to buy any more for quite some time.

Harajuku Lovers Perfume - Music - I had this perfume for quite some time, I liked the scent of it but it is quite a young, playful one. Not a repurchase, as my taste has changed.
Charlie Silver - Again I had this for a very long time, quite a strong scent and not something I liked any more. Glad to finish the bottle!

Lush - Christmas Pud - Different from previous year's Lush Pud's, I prefer this one it is much more colourful and leaves the water purple rather than brown.
Lush - Christmas Penguin - Very cute bubble bar, nice enough.
Lush - Sex Bomb - My favourite, last one in my collection so I do really need to get some more (full review).


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