5 February 2014

Review: Collection - Eyeshadow Pencil Vanilla Sky 1


"Work the colour your way! Velvety, soft, blendable eyeshadow pencil. Waterproof and long lasting" - Boots

I got this eyeshadow pencil originally as I was wanting a dupe for the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, for a Halloween look. These can be used alone or as a base for some eyeshadow, the lighter the base colour the more the eyeshadow will pop. Good for neons and pastel eyeshadows. It comes in six different colours and it is something I could see me using a lot more of in one of the darker shades as I rarely wear bright eyeshadows.

+ Very soft and creamy
+ Long lasting
+ Wind up pencil, so no need to try and find a sharpener the right size
+ Didn't irritate my eyes (even wearing contacts) on the waterline
+ £3.19
+ Easy to find in the UK

- Difficult to remove
- Shimmery (this could be a positive depending on what you like)
- Crease on me without a primer

£3.19 - Boots


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