19 February 2014

Review: ELF - Zit Zapper


"Fight blemishes with the unique blend of Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel and Camphor. This special clear formula helps to fight and prevent acne, reduce redness and swelling, minimise pore size and clear skin" - ELF UK

This is a clear gel like product which smells quite strongly of tea tree oil. 

The main problem with this is that it has a roller ball type applicator which is very unhygienic as rolling it over a spot / zit will pick up some of bacteria from it and put it back in to the product. It would work a lot better as a squeezy tube. The first thing I did was pull the roller ball off it and bin it. To apply the product I dip a clean cotton bud (Q Tip) in to the tube and dab it on the spot. If I need more product I use a new cotton bud, this stops the contamination.


I use the Zit Zapper over night, it really does dry out the spot and then in the morning I find the redness and the actual blemish to have gone down a lot. It does leave the area dry though as do most of these blemish treatments do so you will need to use a good moisturiser on the area before applying make up.

I would recommend it for the price but be aware you will need to pull the roller ball out and bin it, it is worth the effort of changing the application method for the results.

£1.50 - 5.6g


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