26 February 2014

Review: Leighton Denny - Miracle Drops

leighton-denny-miracle-drops-review leighton-denny-miracle-drops-review

"Life's too short to put on hold while waiting for nail polish to dry. I developed miracle drops to speed up drying time so polish dries in double quick time" - Leighton Denny

Miracle Drops is a oil type of product in a dropper, it claims to help dry polish quickly.

It works by covering the polish in silicones which helps to dry your polish quickly, although it seems to only dry the top layer which means you do still have to be a little patient while the underneath layers dry. It is touch dry quickly but you have to be careful not to move the top layer around and smudge the polish.

Quite nourishing to the cuticles.

It smells mainly of alcohol, but there is a hint of something else, possibly almond.

Would I recommend it? If you are wanting a quick drying drop kind of a product then yes. I personally prefer a quick dry top coat to something like this, but there are issues with those so I can see why some people would want to use this over one of those.

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  1. Thats a bit annoying if it dries the top layer. Top coat just does the whole job. :) Nice review

    1. Depends on what you are looking for, I do tend to prefer a quick drying top coat though.

  2. ive used quite a few of these drying oil things, I quite like them. because as you said there Is down sides to a fast dry top coat! you should do a post about your favourite top coats and base coats.

    Catherine x


    1. It is something worth trying a version of I think :)


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