13 March 2014

GOT Nail Challenge: Purple

Another Golden Oldie Challenge day which means another chance to use some of my older polishes. So for the challenge I dug up Rimmel's Night Before 615, which I don't appear to have even swatched (oops). I got this for my birthday in July 2012, which makes it over a year and a half old. It seems to have a lovely shimmer to it very reminiscent of Max Factor's Fantasy Fire.


Base Polish: Rimmel - Night Before 615
Stamping Polish: George Molten Metals - No.5 Party Animal
Stamping Polish: Bundle Monster H07


  1. oooh I like this! witch is odd as I don't like gold! the purple is nice, but very blue toned! beautiful nail art, as always miss.

    Catherine x


    1. I'm not really a fan of gold either really, thank you :)


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