5 March 2014

Review: ELF - Flawless Eyeshadow Sea Escape


"Create flawless looking eyes with brilliant eyeshadow and an easy step-by-step application guide. These beautifully coordinated shadows give you a professionally contoured and defined eye that allows you to go as bold or natural as you want. The silky smooth formula glides effortlessly onto the skin for long-lasting colour" - ELF UK

ELF-eyes-lips-face-flawless-eyeshadow-sea-escape-review ELF-eyes-lips-face-flawless-eyeshadow-sea-escape-swatches-review

In theory this little eyeshadow palette should be really useful, having the names of the places to apply the corresponding colours. However in practice I didn't find this the case. All four of the eyeshadow shades are be very unpigmented, you would have to go over and over the same area in order to get any kind of pigmentation from this palette.

Needless to say this isn't something I would recommend, other colours from the same range may be more pigmented but I won't be trying them so can't let you know. If you were wanting some eyeshadows from ELF then I would recommend the mineral eyeshadows or some of the single studio shades are more pigmented too (just not Charcoal). Even the brightening eyeshadow quads for £1.50 are better than this flawless eyeshadow.

£2.50 - 6g


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