19 March 2014

Review: ELF - Tone Adjusting Green Primer

elf-eyes-lips-face-review-mineral-tone-adjusting-green-primer elf-eyes-lips-face-review-mineral-tone-adjusting-green-primer

Tone Adjusting Green is ideal for minimising redness and correcting blotchy skin - ELF

When I first saw that ELF had brought out a tone correcting primer in green I thought it would be perfect for my blotchy skin. I like to wear foundation to even out my skin tone because as you can see below without make up it is very blotchy.

This is in the new airless pump bottle which is a massive improvement on the standard pump bottle which was very frustrating to use.


I really like the clear primer, I find it helps a lot to minimise my big pores and helps to keep my foundation from breaking down due to my combination / oily skin. It makes foundation apply and sit a lot better than without a primer.


After using the primer I honestly can't tell the difference in redness. There is some shine reduction and pore minimisation but as for the colour correcting properties for me and my skin there is none.

Would I recommend it? As a primer it is good, as good as the standard clear ELF primer. However in terms of colour correction it doesn't have any benefits. It is the same price as the clear primer so if you were to get it and it didn't have any colour correcting properties with your skin the way it didn't for mine then you could use it as a standard primer and you wouldn't have wasted your money.

14g - £6



  1. ive tried this, agreed it doesn't do anything in a colour correcting way! o and buy the looks of it, you just did the no makeup selfie ;) sorta!

    Catherine x


    1. I must have been psychic or something! I pre-scheduled this post in December!


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