12 March 2014

Revlon Colorstay Buff 150 - Pump Bottle?

I did a post a while back about getting Revlon Colorstay in a pump bottle, I recently got a new bottle of the foundation and as before it doesn't come in a pump bottle. Its messy and means you waste a lot of the product.


I searched eBay for a vacuum pump bottle but they were more expensive than I wanted to pay. I ended up finding this bottle by searching for a pump bottle, this particular bottle can be found with these keywords, 'Flower Print Fuchsia Clear Plastic Liquid Cosmetic Spray Bottle Holder 30CC'. This one cost me £1.70 with free P&P, in the listing it said it held 30cc. When it arrived I thought it would be too small to hold all of the foundation but surprisingly enough it did.

I poured the foundation in to the new pump bottle, and there was a little room to spare!

Revlon-Colorstay-Buff-150-pump-bottle Revlon-Colorstay-Buff-150-pump-bottle

I took the sticker from the Revlon bottle and stuck it on to the new pump bottle, now I can pump my foundation and only use what I want to use

Revlon-Colorstay-Buff-150-pump-bottle Revlon-Colorstay-Buff-150-pump-bottle



  1. I have the same problem with Colorstay and Nearly Naked. I ended up just dumping out my ELF foundations that didn't match, cleaning them, and replacing it with the Revlon.

    1. Revlon really do need to start doing pump bottles it makes so much more sense.

  2. I have to say it looks even prettier with the pink pump :D


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