8 March 2014

Stamping Plate: MoYou 72


This particular stamping plate is from MoYou, it is backed which helps stops the sharp edges from cutting you, which is a good thing for clumsy people like me.

stamping-plate-review-moyou-72 stamping-plate-review-moyou-72

There are seven images on this plate, hand and foot prints as well as some paw prints.


All of the designs stamped relatively well, the hand print didn't transfer properly here or did the footprint however this was my first attempt at using the XXL squishy stamper and I think that could be the reason for the problems I was having. This is a great plate for doing Halloween or crime scene nails.


MoYou - £4.99


  1. ooh I like this plate! I haven't really got the hang of stamping, not yet anyway!

    Catherine x



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