15 March 2014

Stamping Plate: MoYou 94


This particular stamping plate is from MoYou, it is backed which helps stops the sharp edges from cutting you, which is a good thing for clumsy people like me.

stamping-plate-review-moyou-94 stamping-plate-review-moyou-94

The stamping plate has seven images in it and all of them stamped really well, I was concerned that the Ying Yang symbol would be difficult as I have some problems stamping large deep images but this worked fine.


I got this plate for the ankh symbol really but I do like the other images. Something which is annoying for me is stamping plates which have foreign symbols on, and that would be fine if they had a translation for it as I really don't like to wear something on my nails I don't understand the meaning of. In this case the symbol as far as I can tell is the symbol for 'om'.

MoYou - £4.99

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