16 April 2014

Review: John Frieda - Secret Agent Touch Up Creme

review-john-frieda-touch-up-creme-secret-agent review-john-frieda-touch-up-creme-secret-agent
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John Frieda - Secret Agent Touch Up Créme

Versatile crème, applied to dried hair, instantly transforms puffy, parched hair into a perfectly smooth, supple, shiny finished texture. Instantly smoothes hair and camouflages frizzy ends for a flawless, shiny finish. Use anytime, anywhere.With Avocado Oil.

Apply to dried hair. Rub a small amount of crème between palms. First, "pull" through under layers of hair, concentrating on ends where hair is the driest. Then, smooth hands lightly over surface. Use more to tame trouble spots. Reapply, as needed.
- John Frieda

I was sent this for reviewing purposes but that doesn't affect my opinion. I already owned this product in the older packaging. My hair is quite long and naturally straight, which is different to heat straightened hair! 

review-john-frieda-touch-up-creme-secret-agent-before review-john-frieda-touch-up-creme-secret-agent-after
Before | After

I prefer not to use heat on my hair and that is where this product comes in really useful. I use it through the ends of my hair to smooth frizz, heat straightened hair is smooth and is less likely to tangle whereas my hair while it is straight is can get tangled. It stops the length of my hair from being frizzy and helps it to sit better. Also I use this lightly further up my hair to smooth down flyaways to give a sleeker more polished finish to my hair. 


You really don't need much of this product to help smooth your hair, as I said I have very long hair and only use a pea sized amount on dry hair. 

Ultimately does this product do what it says on the tube? Yes, it smoothes, calms frizz and flyaways and helps to create the illusion of mended split ends.

+ Smoothes Hair
+ Minimises Frizz
+ Calms Flyaways
+ A Little Goes A Long Way
+ Non-Sticky

- Has A Gimmicky Name? (clutching at straws for a negatives!)



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