15 May 2014

GOT: Textured Nails

I used Barry M's Countess from October 2013, A England's Sleeping Palace from August 2013 and A England's Ascalon from July 2013.

For these nails I began by doing a gradient with A England Ascalon and Sleeping Palace. This turned out to be a very subtle gradient. I then added some striping tape and used Barry M's textured Countess over the top of the striping tape and then I removed the tape revealing the pattern below.


Barry M - Countess

Striping Tape


  1. Ooo I like this :). Love the colours, and Countess is one of my favourites. X

  2. Barry M is really awesome. The gradient is really subtle, and I like how the two shades making the pattern are pretty similar. It makes it more discrete that way. I don't know if I have told you before, but I really like the background of your blog. The dark purple and blue colours are just awesome :D


    1. Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback. I wasn't sure anyone would be able to tell there was a gradient, it is very subtle :P


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