17 May 2014

Hair: No Heat 'Straight' Hair

I prefer not to use any heat on my hair, my hair is naturally straight, which is different from heat straightened hair. I like to wear my hair down and in order for it to get smooth and straight I like to put it in a 'sock bun' which pulls the hair tight enough to smooth it out but not too tight so you can't sleep.

I have to wear my hair tied up when I sleep because it is so long it likes to strangle me if I don't. When I take my hair down out of the rolled up bun it has root volume and is mostly straight with a little curl at the ends which is quite nice.


Although the curl does drop out of my hair within a couple of hours leaving it just straight. If I were to use some sort of product on the ends I imagine the curl would hold for longer.


Before starting I will use a hair oil on the ends and lengths of my hair, such as Moroccan Oil, V05 Miracle Oil or Avon's Moroccan Argan Oil. I flip my head upside down and brush my hair with my Tangle Teezer and then put a bun former (you can use a sock just snip off the toe and roll it up) at the end of my hair and begin to roll it up towards my head. Once it is sitting on top of my head I used hair screws / spirals to hold it in place over night.

hair-bun-former-sock-curl-curls-straight hair-bun-former-sock-curl-curls-straight

In the morning I take out the screws and unwind the bun and then brush my hair which leaves it as shown above. If my hair is being a little frizzy I use John Frieda's Secret Agent Touching Up Cream. But generally I don't use a product afterwards.



  1. your hair is so, so, so long!! I love it :) beautiful

    Catherine x


    1. Thanks, I'm quite short so my hair looks longer than it really is I think :P

  2. Wow that's a great idea! And your hair looks beautiful too, great condition! I think I will have to take on board some of your tips!

    1. Thank you :) I find not using heat on my hair has helped it a lot. I am pretty sure I can see a difference in my hair damage after straightening my hair even once. That said there are times when you just have to use heat :P


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