25 June 2014

Review: Boots - Tinted Lipsalve


This is the lipsalve in the shade tinted, it says it is natural and enhances your natural lip colour. I found this not to be the case, it turned my lips a milky white colour and it wasn't very moisturising. The smell of this is every so slightly of milky, strawberries.

The stick itself was very thick and waxy and difficult to get on to the lips. So waxy I ended up tearing my lip, and although I may be very clumsy I have to say I have never done that before with a lipsalve. A matte lipstick, yes but not a supposedly moisturising lip product.


This is not something I will be repurchasing, I will use it up as a night time lipsalve but really is not something I would recommned. If you wanted a nice lipsalve then I do recommend the one very similar to this from boots, the starawberry salve. That one has a soft formula to it and a very slight red tint. Much nicer than this one.

£1 - 5g


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