14 June 2014

Review: MoYou Special Nail Polish - Black*

MoYou Special Nail Polish - Black

 This special nail polish is a polish designed specially for stamping.

The brush is flat and wide, not as wide as OPI.

12ml is the amount of polish you get.

I was sent this polish to review, this doesn't influence my opinion.

Typically I use opaque in one coat polishes for stamping with rather than special stamping designated polishes. That said I have used this polish for stamping and it is very good.

It was good to work with straight away, not too thin to work (with other polishes sometimes you have to leave the lid off for a while for the polish to thicken up), and not too thick, gloopy and stringy.

I have also swatched the polish as is as well as using it in nail art below.

Here are some stamped nails I have done using this polish:


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