8 June 2014

SIMPLES: Accent Nail

The Crumpet has a new challenge going, to help teach nail art from the simple to the master.

So week 1 and the task to master is the Accent Nail, which is very simple to do. Choose a nail (usually the ring finger) and paint it differently to the other nails, I often have two accent nails. Here are some of my examples:

Dolphin Accent
[details here]

Blue Addicted Accent
[details here]

Leopard Print Accent
[details here]

Confetti Top Coat Accent
[details here]


  1. These are beautiful! Isn't it funny how people favour different accents? I always seem to do my ring and middle fingers x

    1. I always do different things, always good to change it up a bit :)


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