8 June 2014

SIMPLES: Accent Nail

The Crumpet has a new challenge going, to help teach nail art from the simple to the master. If you are interested in joining then you can go read her blog here or the Facebook group here.

So week 1 and the task to master is the Accent Nail, which is very simple to do. Choose a nail (usually the ring finger) and paint it differently to the other nails, I often have two accent nails. Here are some of my examples:

Dolphin Accent
[details here]

Blue Addicted Accent 
[details here]

Leopard Print Accent
[details here]

Confetti Top Coat Accent
[details here]



  1. These are beautiful! Isn't it funny how people favour different accents? I always seem to do my ring and middle fingers x

    1. I always do different things, always good to change it up a bit :)


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