22 June 2014


The Crumpet has a new challenge going, to help teach nail art from the simple to the master. If you are interested in joining then you can go read her blog here or the Facebook group here.

So week 3 and the task to master is the Ombre Manicure, which again is very simple to do. The issue with this is in noting the difference between the Ombre and the Gradient. Ombre is five different shades of a certain colour on five nails whereas the gradient is multiple colours on each nail.

I hadn't actually done a plain Ombré before, so this is what I came up with:


Thumb: Barry M - Prickly Pear
Forefinger: Sally Hansen - Delphinium
Middle Finger: Sinful Colors - Verbena
Ring Finger: MUA - Frozen Yoghurt
Little Finger: Color Club - Pucci-licious



  1. i like your ombre n polish nice spring cols x

  2. Lovely, simple yet eye catching!

    1. I couldn't believe I hadn't done something so simple before!


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