8 July 2014

Review: Born Pretty Store - Filigree Water Decals XF1339

Born-Pretty-Store-bornprettystore-Filigree-Water-Decal-Review-xf1339 Born-Pretty-Store-bornprettystore-Filigree-Water-Decal-Review-xf1339

These filigree water decals are from Born Pretty Store, there are three filigree strips and two more floral strips. You can find the latest nail art products from them here and the most popular ones from them here. I have a tutorial on how to apply water decals here. These are versatile as they aren't single images, and you can use them in a couple of different ways. They are a lot easier to use than I originally had expected as well, so even if you aren't good at freehand nail art then these are a good option for something more complex looking.

You can see some of the nail art designs I have used these water decals in here:



Water Decals - $1.59


[item received for review purposes, does not affect my honest opinion]


  1. Oooh, those are lovely decals! I really like what you've done with them, especially the second design!

  2. Pretty designs! I've been loving water decals lately, they are so easy to use!

  3. pretty,pretty !!!I like it so much !!!


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