21 July 2014

Review: BornPrettyStore - 3D Oval Nail Decorations

bornprettystore-born-pretty-store-d-oval-nail-decoration-decorations-review bornprettystore-born-pretty-store-d-oval-nail-decoration-decorations-review

In this wheel there are 24 oval nail decorations, 12 colours.

They are quite large: 8mm long, 6mm wide and 3mm deep.

These are something different as most of the 3D gems are rounded more like a cabochon than these are. They are one colour with light shimmer / glitter running through them, which again is something different to the normal nail decorations you can get.

Spider Nails:
Jess - Midnight
R&R Lacquers - Bewtiching
Revlon - Steel Her Heart

As they are quite large they are best suited to less curved nails, I have quite a strong C curve and they just fit on them. Another point to note would be they are quite 3D and for some people this would be very tempting to pick off.

Yellow Accents Nails:
[Details Here]
Overall these gems are great for an accent nail, and not only can you use them as is but you can incorporate them in to nail art like I did with the spider. For me I am not a picker so I don't have a problem with the 3D aspect. These are from BornPrettyStore, you can see some of there new products here and what is most popular here.

Photo showing the 3D

[item send for reviewing, this doesn't affect my views]


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