2 July 2014

Review: Concealer Palette

This is a palette which has fifteen pans of cream product in, I could see this being really useful for a make up artist or someone who does make up on lots of different skin toned people. 

There is a white, slight shimmer colour which is nice to use for a brow highlight and highlighting the inner corner. It is a little shimmery so probably not the best for a cheek bone highlight.

A light green toned shade which is useful for colour correcting, green counteracts any red in your skin.

The lilac shade is good for brightening, if you have any yellow or sallowness in your skin this is good for helping out with that.

The other twelve shades are skin toned, my skin toned is fair with yellow undertones and I can use quite a few of these shades. Concealing any imperfections, covering under eye circles etc. However I have also gotten some use out of the darker colours as a contour shade. The darkest shade for me is a little too dark for me day to day however I dressed up in drag and found it really helped me to get more masculine cheek structure.

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