9 July 2014

Review: Leighton Denny - Crystal Nail File

I have done a comparison of the OPI one and the Leighton Denny one here.

This nail file has a rounded end and is exceptionally smooth, you could run this over the finest of tights and it would not snag them. You can use this on your nails and they won't be clicking off anything and everything.


Very gentle on nails, and seals the end of the nails against water getting in and weakening / damaging / splitting nails. I also find that this file having a rounded end is particularly useful, especially as I am a clumsy person, whereas I have stabbed myself accidentally numerous times with the OPI one.

The higher the grit, the less course the file is. This having a no grit means it takes a while to file down the length of your nails.  Leighton's crystal nail file doesn't have a grit rating as it is that fine. It is made by dipping the crystal file in to acid which eats away at the crystal causing the fine texture to it rather than with a glass nail file whereby the glass is sprayed with sand to achieve the gritted texture. As such the surface of a glass file wears away whereas with this crystal one it does not, you can simply wash it and the surface will be as good as new. The surface of the file is guaranteed for 25 years.

Comes packaged in a flip lid tin pack which is perfect for protecting the file.

The dimensions are as follows:
Length - 135mm
Width - 11mm
Depth - 3mm

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