23 July 2014

Review: Scholl - Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Foot File and Serum


Buff away hard skin in minutes for fabulous feet with the Velvet Smooth Pedi. Ideal for the safe and professional removal of hard skin from your feet at home: Ergonomically shaped soft touch handle. Especially designed micraumina replaceable head. Battery operated and ready to use - 4 x AA batteries included - Amazon

 When I was given the opportunity to receive this product to review I thought it was great timing, who doesn't want nice feet ready for the summer.

The idea is this is an electronic device which does the same job as a manual foot file without all the effort. Which if you were to have particularly bad feet, could be quite labour intensive.

The unit is quite large, the handle itself is quite thick and my palm and fingers don't reach all the way around it. This doesn't matter though because you don't need such a firm grip to achieve the results the way in which you would with a manual file.

To turn this on you twist the silver band and to turn it off you twist it the other way. There is a protective cap to go over the rotating part which is good for hygiene purposes however it wouldn't stop a child getting in to it if this was a concern for you.

The active part of the file is very similar in texture to sand paper or glass paper, courser than standard foot files. It spins around quite quickly and while it does this it makes quite a loud and at first a nerve inducing sound. It was off putting but once I used it on my foot and found out it didn't hurt it was fine. When you are pushing the rotating file against your foot the noise does change and you soon learn that when you push down too hard it doesn't spin as quickly and you need to use less pressure.

Review-Scholl-Velvet-Smooth-Express-Pedi-Electronic-Foot-FileMy feet aren't particularly rough, although there were small patches on each heel which did benefit from using this file. You are advised not to spend much time going over the same area as you probably could damage yourself doing so, so I would recommend using common sense! This is also why this product isn't recommended to those with problems feeling their feet or those with diabetes.

The rotating part of the file is replaceable once it has worn out and the unit takes four AA batteries which are included.

Something to note is when you are using this the dry skin does rise up as if your foot is on fire whereas when using a standard file this would tend to fall down.

Overall this device is really good in my opinion and would be really recommended this to anyone with a lot of hard or dry patches on their feet. I think it would be great for those who can't grip a standard file with enough pressure to slough off the dead skin also.

For me personally I wouldn't have purchased this item because my feet very rarely get dry patches and are more prone to getting blisters (which you cannot use with this device). That said this does make light of any dry patches I did have and if I were to wear shoes more often and end up with patches on my feet I would definitely dig this out and use it. It is easy and quick to use, and you make such a difference to the appearance of the foot even after just using this once.


This intense serum is quite fluid and not like a lotion, one or two pumps of this really did the job of moisturising my feet and making them appear and feel both soft and smoother. It really did visually improve the look of my feet too which being one of the claims of the product is important.

In conjunction with the Pedi Foot File I think they make a perfect combination for achieving smooth summer ready feet. Even for people with particularly unsightly problematic feet. This product is quite expensive, however I think if you had medium to fully problematic feet then this is worth it. If you have minor feet issues then perhaps it would be a cheaper option to go for a standard manual file, unless of course you had some spare money and wanted to go ahead and purchase this.


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