31 August 2014

SIMPLES: Splodging

The Crumpet has a challenge going, to help teach nail art from the simple to the master.

So week 9 is upon us and the task to master is a technique called 'splodging' which is something created around two years ago by The Crumpet herself! What I like about this technique is that it is so easy and pretty much impossible to mess up. Here are my examples:


La Femme - Skyblue Cream
Barry M - Guava
Barry M -Greenberry
Miss Sporty - Pop Fiction
Jessica - Holographic Top Coat



Sunday Stamping: Over Stripes


Base Polish: Sally Hansen - Dorian Grey
Striping Polishes: MUA - Frozen Yoghurt, ELF - Teal Blue
Other: Striping Brush
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 415
Stamping Polish: MoYou Nails - Special Nail Polish - Black


30 August 2014

Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 308 (BM308)


This stamping plate is from the third Bundle Monster set, from 2012. It is backed with branded lining to stop it from being sharp. This is useful, without it it is easy to slice open your fingers and palms which I have been known to do accidentally in the past with other stamping plates.


There are 3 full nail images and three single images. All of these stamped well and judging by my designs below, the doughnut and cupcake are my favourite images!

[details here]
[details here]
All of the nail art I have done using this stamping plate can be found HERE.


29 August 2014

Colour Me Crazy: Black and White

This week is black and white week, I used some nail stickers in the lightning shape to create an accent.


Essence - Black is Back
Barry M - Matt White


Swatch: Barry M - Watermelon Gelly Hi Shine


Colour: Dark Green
Finish: Cream
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much? 10ml


27 August 2014

Review: Lightning Nail Stickers - Born Pretty Store

review-Born-Pretty-Store-BornPrettyStore-BPS-Nail-Stickers-guides-Lightening review-Born-Pretty-Store-BornPrettyStore-BPS-Nail-Stickers-guides-Lightening

With these tip guides you get one sheet, this is set #1 which is the lightning shaped design. The sheet itself has 30 guide stickers on it. Let's have a quick look at how to use these, first paint base colour, make sure it is 100% dry. then:

Line up the stickers on the nail. Paint over the gaps, then remove the stickers immediately.
tutorial-review-Born-Pretty-Store-BornPrettyStore-BPS-Nail-Stickers-guides-Lightening-review tutorial-review-review-Born-Pretty-Store-BornPrettyStore-BPS-Nail-Stickers-guides-Lightening tutorial-review-review-Born-Pretty-Store-BornPrettyStore-BPS-Nail-Stickers-guides-Lightening

These stickers worked quite well and they were something different, I have seen a lot of chevron (review here) shaped ones recently as well as the more traditional French tip guide designs (review here). Nail stickers have gained quite a lot of popularity recently. They are quite sticky and stick to the nails even with a strong C curve to your nails. 

Here are some nails I have done using these lightning shaped nail stickers.

Black and White


Something I would suggest is using the lighter colour as a base and then going over with the darker colour as this did cause me some problems with the black and white nails. Also be mindful as to which polish you use for going over the top with as it will need to be mostly opaque in one coat. These are from BornPrettyStore, you can see some of there new products here and what is most popular here.

[item send for reviewing, this doesn't affect my views]