6 August 2014

DIY Nail Polish Shelves / Rack

I used
3x A1 Foam board Sheets
Stanley Knife
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Black Paint

You need three foam board sheets, one for the back, one for the shelves and one for the sides.

Draw the lines on the backboard, you want to to them far enough apart for your tallest polish bottles with a little extra room for the shelves.

Once you have drawn the lines on the back board put that to the side and draw the shelves and side panels. My shelves are around 5cm deep. The side panels are the shelf depth plus the depth of the foam board backing. Then cut the foam board and glue it all together.

Then paint it, I chose to paint mine black. It needed two coats of the paint and took around 100ml of paint. You can buy coloured foam board but it costs a lot more than the white.

Once it is dried you can put your polishes on it. You can attach it to the wall, or as I have done lean it up against the wall.

I have four shelves which are empty so plenty of room for my collection to grow. You can see the rest of my collection here if you are interested. The rack holds around 160 polishes. This is my new 'glitter' shelves, I have another larger one which I made in a very similar way but using plasterboard, which does work but it is heavier, messier to work with and more expensive.

If my explanation isn't detailed enough (I like to go by my polish bottle dimensions rather than follow rules) then you can always search YouTube for 'DIY Nail Rack' which has specific dimensions.



  1. I need a nail polish rack in my room! Or 3-4 of them :D

    1. This one is my 'small' rack, I have another which is quite a bit bigger!


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