20 August 2014

Review: Mont Bleu - Tweezers and Compact Mirror


- They come in a black velvet pouch 
- Hand decorated with five genuine Swarovski Element crystals in decreasing sizes on both sides
- The finish of these particular ones are a matte black and are made from stainless steel
- Slanted tweezer head which has a sharp point
- Tweezer head lines up perfectly so no snapped eyebrow hair, as well as being able to grab very short hairs


These don't feel cheap, the way some of the cheaper eBay rhinestone versions do. You can tell these are well made and feel substantial when you are using them. I really like using these and in conjunction with the 2x mirror below you really can get those short eyebrow hairs out which with other tweezers I haven't been able to. They don't snap the hair or only half pull them out and then loose grip of the hair. 

Mont Bleu also do these tweezers without the Swarovski crystals which would be great for those who don't like the bejewelled look. They also come in a range of different colours. Without the crystals these tweezers cost under £4 which is a great price, with the crystals they are under £10 which again for a quality pair of tweezers is reasonable considering Tweezerman tweezers are around the £20 price point.

Mont-Bleu-Compact-Pocket-Swarovski-Elements-Mirror-Review Mont-Bleu-Compact-Pocket-Swarovski-Elements-Mirror-Review

- Comes packaged in a presentation box
- Hand decorated with genuine Swarovski Elements
- Lightweight, made from plastic
- Silver reflective case
- Standard mirror and 2x Magnified mirror


This is a lightweight mirror, you can feel that it is made from plastic. Which is a good thing because you really don't need something else weighing down your handbag. As with the tweezers the Swarovski Elements are hand placed but they don't come across as being cheap you can tell that it is well made and not tacky. The mirror is a little stiff to open when I first got it but after opening and closing it it did get a lot easier.

If you don't like the floral swirly pattern they also stock various patterns as well as a plain compact mirror if that is more to your taste. The undecorated one is £3.15 and the various decorated one range in price from £9.49 to £66.80, the one shown above retails for £15.02. There is something for every price range and decorative taste.

Mont Bleu have kindly given me a code to share for 20% off your order if you would like to use it the code it is 'BLOG'.

Mont Bleu is a manufacturer of Czech made glass nail files, and a Design Atelier who make bijoux, and decorates beauty products, and gifts with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. Shipping handcrafted products worldwide, with very reasonable postage and packaging.

[Items were sent for honest review, my opinions are my own]

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