13 August 2014

Review: TréSonics Facial Cleansing System

TréSonics Facial Cleansing System

During 2011 there was a massive buzz about the Clarisonic facial cleanser. Which if you are reading this I am sure you will know all about. But if you don't basically it works on the same premise as an electric toothbrush in that it can remove more dirt quickly and from deeper down. I wasn't overly fused with getting one seeing that it was over £150! 

Then I saw the TréSonic being advertised on QVC for £37.50 they also demonstrated it which made me think it was possibly good for my skin. Me being the bargain hunter that I am managed to find a tréSonic for £20 including P&P. Which is half the price of the QVC one and a fraction on the Clarisonic.

So basically I have combination skin, and it does need a good scrub as we all know it helps make up to go on smoother. I don't own the Clarisonic so can't compare the two. So inside the box you get a standard brush head, a sensitive brush head, a massage head and a moisturising head. You also get batteries which are inside of the device. It is water resistant so fine to use in the shower / bath. 

You get the light blue sensitive head, black standard head, a neck massaging head and a sponge head. All of them just push on to the head of the brush and easily pull off. There is also a stand which makes it really useful for the shower. I prefer to use the sensitive head, and have already binned the massage and the moisturising pad heads.

I wouldn't use this daily, I prefer to use a hot cloth cleanser daily, however I will use this once a week for a deep full facial cleanse. It leaves my face feeling smooth and thoroughly cleansed.

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