9 August 2014

Stamping Plate: MoYou Nails - 108

MoYou Nails have recently released a new batch of stamping plates. I have used the brand before and have purchased plates from them before, you can see my reviews on their other plates here. This plate was sent for reviewing purposes, which won't effect my opinion.

review-moyou-108-stamping-plate review-moyou-108-stamping-plate-rock-metal

As you can see the plates come in a cellophane package and have a blue plastic layer to protect the plate in transit. The plates are fully backed as well with the website address, this is useful as it also means no sharp edges.

review-moyou-108-stamping-plate-rock-metal review-moyou-108-stamping-plate-rock-metal

Below is the images stamped on to white paper. They all stamped well if a little wonky thanks for my squishy stamper I was using, seems to work better on my nails than paper. 108 is a music themed plate, with seven images on it. The guitar is quite unique, quite a filigree pattern to it.


On to the nails I have done using this plate:

Rock Hands:
Barry M - Silver Foil Effect

Guitar Music Nails:
Barry M - Silver Foil Effect

Dance Off Nails:
Barry M - Silver Foil Effect

I free handed some musical notes using the silver foil effect.

MoYou Nails 108 retails at £4.99


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