23 September 2014

Review: Mont Bleu - Glass Foot File


- Large, hefty file
- Comes in a plastic protective sleeve
- Made from Czech tempered glass and have a lifetime guarantee on abrasive surface
- Comes in 10 different colours, I picked the black version
- 160mm long, 350mm wide and 7mm thick

Each side of the file is a different grit, one is more abrasive than the other which is great for removing and then smoothing any unwanted dead skin from your foot. The file is nice and thick and so you can use it along with a fair bit of pressure without worrying about it breaking. 


This foot file is much less scary looking that the ones which look like cheese graters, the egg ones. The glass abrasive texture is much kinder than a metal edge and it won't cut or damage your feet.

I really like how you can easily wash the surface of the file after using it and there is no dead skin lingering around. Much more hygienic this way. Apparently they are also safe for sterilising using boiling water (or an autoclave).

Showing the file size in comparison to my hand:


Mont Bleu have kindly given me a code to share for 20% off your order if you would like to use it the code it is 'BLOG'.

Mont Bleu is a manufacturer of Czech made glass nail files, and a Design Atelier who make bijoux, and decorates beauty products, and gifts with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. Shipping handcrafted products worldwide, with very reasonable postage and packaging.


[Items were sent for honest review, my opinions are my own]

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