24 September 2014

#ShareTheLove - Nail Blogs

Here are six nail blogs I am enjoying looking at the moment:

Nail Art Novice - She does a lot of variations of nail art, something I like. I really am liking these cloud type nails at the moment, so easy to do and looks effective.

Bite No More - She always has gorgeous long nails, and long nails means more room for nail art! Which of course she does well.

Elanor's Nails - What I like about this blog is the Barry M love, that said there is a lot of none Barry M nail art which is great too!

Roz Nail-Scapades - Always joining in with nail challenges and it's great to see what she has come up with. Also its lovely to see her nails after overcoming nail biting.

Pretty Quirky - I have a couple of lovely polishes made by the brand, these are the nails behind the brand. She joins in a lot of nail art challenges and I like seeing the creations she comes up with.

Light Your Nails - Bi-lingual nail blog (England and Italian), she does quite a bit of stamping which is great to see as well as other nail art designs.



  1. This is a lovely post - shining the light on other great blogs! :)


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