12 October 2014

Empties: September 2014

 Not as many empties this past month, although again I have gone through a fair few polishes!

Collection - 2 in 1 Strengthener - I like this base coat, my nails did grow long while I was using this but I can't say for sure if it was this or the new DIY Zoya Remove I was using.
BK #10 - Purple Neon Jelly - I'm not keen on these jelly polishes, especially when you only get 7ml in the bottle and need four coats for opacity.
ELF - Lilac - Nice enough polish but I already have a few lilacs so won't be repurchasing [swatch here].
ELF - Pink - It took many years to use this up and I really just didn't like the colour or finish.
Ciate - Cookies and Cream - Cute bottle and a nice beige / pink / nude colour. I liked this but prefer Barry M's Lychee which I have a full bottle of already [swatch here].
Ciate - Mojito - Liked this one, really good for Halloween or Festive season nails. That said Barry M's Key Lime is very much the same colour and I have a full bottle of that [swatch here].
Leighton Denny - Colour and Go - This was quite handy, base coat in one end and top coat in the other. If I travelled I think it would be great. Not keen on the top coat as it smudged nail art but the base coat was nice.

Lush - Lemony Flutter - This is great for putting on before bed for heavy duty moisturisation. Not something I would use during the day, but I have already purchased a back up.
ELF - Studio Pressed Powder - Sand - This shade was too dark for me, the packaging was cute it had a place for a sponge but realistically this never got used. I prefer to use complexion perfection or tone correcting powder in light (not sure what it's called these days) [full review].
Leighton Denny - Remove and Go Pot - Handy to have and to use, I have a couple more of these but a pot isn't something I would rush out to go and buy again. Yes it's handy but I like my DIY remover.
Sally Hansen - Insta Dry Drops - I don't really use drops to dry my polish, I ended up using this over a quick dry top coat more as a oil for my cuticles than polish drying [full review].



  1. I never go through this many nail products, never stick with one long enough! Hahahaha! I didn't even finish my Lemony Flutter before it went rancid! Eeks! I'm so bad! >_<

    1. I seem to have gone through even more this past month! There is quite a lot in the Lemony Flutter pot and you need so little so its probably quite easy to end up wasting some :)


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