29 October 2014

Review: Dove - Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditoner

Review-Dove-Hair-Therapy-Nourishing-Oil Care-Shampoo-Conditioner

+ Fresh Dove scent which lingers in the hair
+ Shampoo was great, not stripping but left hair clean
+ Left my hair feeling very soft

- Conditioner was too heavy, had to wash my hair every day if I used it anywhere near the roots

Overall it was quite good and I liked the way it left my hair feeling soft and nourished. But I like to leave it a day or two between washing my hair and this wasn't an option when I used the conditioner. Even if I only used it on the lengths and then clipped it up on top of my head for a couple of minutes it would still make my hair oily very quickly. This would be more suitable for those with dry hair which isn't prone to getting oily. I may repurchase the shampoo but not the conditioner.


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