15 October 2014

Review: L'Oreal Casting Créme Gloss - Plum 316

Review-L'Oreal-loreal-Casting-Creme-Gloss-Plum-316 Review-L'Oreal-loreal-Casting-Creme-Gloss-Plum-316

My hair was last dyed with L'Oreal Feria Preference in Plum Power P37, which was a red colour which was nice but it faded so quickly on me. It lasted around a month before fading out to a lighter colour which I didn't like. I still have a couple of dyes left to use before I finally go back to black, which I miss. As much as I liked having purple or red hair, its just not me.


- Instructions
- Gloves
- Developer
- Colour Créme
- Conditioner

Looking at the colour guide on the side of the box it shows what colour my hair should turn out:


This is what my hair colour was like before using this dye, slightly washed out mahogany shade.

Review-L'Oreal-loreal-Casting-Creme-Gloss-Plum-316-before Review-L'Oreal-loreal-Casting-Creme-Gloss-Plum-316-before

This is my hair while I was waiting for it to develop


And afterwards, it is a much darker colour which has completely knocked out any of the warm toned red which was in my hair, I prefer a cool toned shade with my skin colour. Indoors it is a cool dark brown colour although when in the sunlight it shines a plum colour.

Review-L'Oreal-loreal-Casting-Creme-Gloss-Plum-316-after Review-L'Oreal-loreal-Casting-Creme-Gloss-Plum-316-after


+ Formula went a long way, one box for all of my hair (just)
+ Didn't drip
+ Left my hair very shiny
+ 60ml Conditioner
+ The dye wipes straight off with a damp cloth without any product from forehead, ears, neck
+ Hair went the colour on the chart

- Left my hair smelling of hair dye, even with it being ammonia free
- Left my hair feeling dry
- Gloves were quite small

So overall I liked this hair dye, yes it left my hair smelling and feeling dry but that isn't anything another wash and deep condition won't solve. This is only a semi permanent dye, lasting 28 washes which is something to be aware of. Also while I liked how dark my hair came out it is something to be aware of if you don't want your hair to go so dark. 

I would use this dye again, although I probably won't as I prefer a permanent dye. If this came in a permanent version then I certainly would.

Before and After
Review-L'Oreal-loreal-Casting-Creme-Gloss-Plum-316-before Review-L'Oreal-loreal-Casting-Creme-Gloss-Plum-316-after
(my hair length looks different as in the before it was straightened, after in its natural straight state)


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