20 October 2014

Review: L'Oreal Feria Preference - Plum Power P37


My hair was dyed last using L'Oreal Feria Preference in Violet Vendetta P38. It was a nice shade but it certainly wasn't purple as the name suggested. It soon faded out in to a mahogany shade, which you can see below. My hair naturally has a lot of red tones to it and I have always thought red would take well to my hair and so before going black again I thought I would try red out as once its black it is going to be staying black.


- Instructions
- Black gloves
- Developer
- Color Cream
- Hi Shine Concentrate
- Hi Shine Conditioner


Looking at the colour guide of my hair beforehand it shows what colour my hair should turn out.

My hair colour before using the dye (very difficult to take a photo of my own hair)

Review-L'Oreal-Feria-Preference-Plum-Power-P37-hair-before Review-L'Oreal-Feria-Preference-Plum-Power-P37-hair-before

And afterwards, it is darker and leaning towards red / mahogany, again it is so hard to take a photo of my own hair. Any tips would be appreciated! 


+ Formula went a long way, spread easily through the roots and the lengths
+ Didn't drip
+ Left my hair very shiny
+ Lovely good size (54ml) intense conditioner
+ Gorgeous deep, rich colour

- Very strong ammonia smelling, even after washing off
- Colour wasn't anything like suggested ones on the chart?
- Gloves were tight and had no stretch to them
- Stained my scalp / head / face
- Didn't stay on my hair for long, lasted around 8 weeks

As I bought two boxes of the dye and only used one this time, I will be using the second box.

Perhaps I would try it in black, because the formula was nice and I liked how it left my hair nice and shiny.


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