25 October 2014

Review: Lush - Sparker Bath Ballistic (Halloween 2014)


"A crackling and fizzing Rose Jam-scented bath bomb that makes bath night fireworks night. The soothingly-fragranced bomb fizzes and crackles in an explosion of colour, spinning around the bath turning it into a fiery, shimmering display" - Lush


This Lush bath ballistic is in a new format, in a stick shape rather than a ball.

Once it is in the water it crackles a little bit which is from the popping candy in it. It turns the water a bright yellow colour and fills the bath with glitter and shimmer. The glitter sticks to you and turns you in to a glitter ball, which may or may not be a positive depending on your thoughts on glitter. You will also need to clean the glitter out of the bath afterwards as it does leave a lot of it in there.

The scent is similar to the Rose Jam scent from Lush. Strongly scented with Rose, but this scent doesn't linger on the skin.


I personally didn't like this bath ballistic, because I don't like glitter and it left my skin and hair full of gold glitter which wouldn't come off until I went in the shower and scrubbed it off. Yellow bath water is also quite off putting. Another thing I wasn't keen on was the rose scent. Both of mt reasons for not enjoying this are very personal and if you like glitter and the rose scent then you may like this!

This is supposed to be in stores until Christmas 2014
£3.50 - Lush


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