30 November 2014

Empties: November 2014

Used up eight polishes this past month!

Primark - Glo Baby Glo!
BPS - White stamping polish
BK - Neon Orange

As well as a few bath pieces
Avon Watermelon Bubble Bath - This was okay but nothing enough to make me want to repurchase.
Body Shop Cherry Lip Butter - Really liked this but it has been discontinued [full review].
Lush Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic - Winter staple, my favorite to use [full review].
Lush May Day Bath Ballistic - While this didn't look spectacular it made my skin feel nice and soft so I didn't need to moisturise afterwards without leaving me greasy or oily.
Lush Northern Lights Bath Ballistic - Turned the water a nice purple colour but wasn't anything amazing.


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