11 November 2014

Review: 4mm White Star Nail Accessories

review-Born-Pretty-Store-4mm-Hollow-Out-Pentagon-Matt-Glitter-Powder-Sheets-Tips-Nail-Art-Decoration review-Born-Pretty-Store-4mm-Hollow-Out-Pentagon-Matt-Glitter-Powder-Sheets-Tips-Nail-Art-Decoration

These are listed on the Born Pretty Store as "4mm Hollow Out Pentagon Matt Glitter Powder Sheets Tips Nail Art Decoration". They come in 12 different colours, and these are the white ones.

You get a small pot of 4mm stars, I would guess at 60-100 individual stars. They have been punched through to leave a hollowed outline. There were a couple of these punched out pieces in the pot which I am sure will come in useful for other nail looks.


The stars are quite ridged and won't bend to the curve of your nail, they do stick out a bit. So this may be good to know if you are a picker. For me though they weren't annoying with two coats of top coat to help seal them down.

To use them I did my nails and let them dry, to attach them I used a dab of clear polish and then using tweezers I picked up a star and placed it where I wanted it to be. You could use nail glue for this to stick it down, for a securer attachment. Afterwards I sealed them in with a thick topcoat.

First I used them alone;

Base Polish: Stargazer - Navy

Another way I used them was to add something to some stamped nails;

Base Polish: ELF - Plum
Stamping Plates: Bundle Monster 21, Konad Q1
Stamping Polish: Barry M - Silver Foil Effect

And the third way I used the was as an accent to a simple black and white dotticure;

Base Polish: Essence - Black is Back
Dot Polish: Barry M - Matt White

These are from BornPrettyStore, you can see some of there new products here and what is most popular here.

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